I am going to Tenerife

One month ago I came from the Canary Islands (La Palma and Gran Canaria). Now I am going there again. But this time my destination is Tenerife.

I have been in Tenerife once (in 2009). It was a memorable trip. I know several nice outcrops there but this time I hope to see and understand much more. I just took a review of my photos I took there. I am really amazed how poor is the quality of these snapshots. There is really nothing I would like to use here now. Tenerife is a beautiful and magnificent island (second largest island volcano in the world after Hawaii). It deserves better equipment than my point-and-shoot I used then and better photographer also. I have a better camera and lens now but I am not sure about the photographer. It is still only me.

This time my trip will be quite civilized. I will stay at a hotel. Who knows, maybe I will even have internet access there. I am not very optimistic though. People there have somewhat different lifestyle. It seems that internet is not a necessity for them. Sometimes they advertise that their hotel has internet access but in reality this means that there is a computer in the lobby into which you can insert a coin to access internet for 5 minutes. It would be laughable if it were not so sad.

If there is internet access, then I will try to post something once in a while.

I took this photo a month ago when I was flying from La Palma to Gran Canaria (Tenerife is right between these islands). Quality of the photo is terrible because it was taken with a phone but phonolitic cone of Mount Teide, the highest peak of Tenerife (3718 meters) and the rim of the caldera surrounding it are clearly recognizable.

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  • Piet Vierbergen

    Wish you a nice trip to Tenerife. Don’t bother the internet – many restaurants will have a free wifi. So look for that.
    Upon a map of Tenerife you can see that this island is no more than a “triple junction” like La Palma and Hierro.
    After the opening of the Mid Atlantic Ocean the rift tried to divorce Pangea from the Caribbian to Iceland. Result was several “dead ends” always with 3 angles of 120 degrees. One of the three rifts continued and broke the continent further on till the next triple junction.
    A well known triple junction at this time is the Afar Triangle opposite Aden between the Red Sea and the indian Ocean.