First glimpse of Tenerife

I am in Tenerife. Today was very long day in the field. I am too tired to write a lengthy post. But I would like to share at least one picture with you.

This is pyroclastic sequence which is composed of dark layers of scoria and light-colored layer of phonolitic pumice fall deposit between them. Pumice layer is a product of violent plinian eruption farther away. Scoriaceous mafic dark-colored lapilli were ejected from nearby vents (strombolian eruptions). You can also see a minor fault running through the outcrop.

Here are the coordinates of the outcrop: 28° 20′ 02″ N 16° 27′ 50″ W. Altitude 1970 meters.

3 comments to First glimpse of Tenerife

  • Callan Bentley

    What’s the scale on this (beautiful) photo?

  • Width of view is about 12 meters.

  • The Geologist

    It is a combination of Plinian airfall – white, overlying black Strombolian airfall which includes volcanic bombs and in turn the plinian airfall is overlain by more strombolian airfall with bombs. The base of the white layer was deposited in water as can be seen by the wavy structures at the base. The white layer is about 2 metres thick. There is an “Instant Expert” board at the pullin above the cutting. The location is known as the “Curvas Pastel”