The most common foram of Hawaii

It seems that the most common foram test in Hawaii light-colored beach sand is Amphistegina. This foram (genus) lives in Indo-Pacific oceans and some species in Western Atlantic also.

The tests of Amphistegina found on the coastline of Hawaii islands are usually heavily wave battered and barely recognizable. This foram appeared in early Eocene (about 50 million years ago). It prefers warm and shallow water (less than 30 m) and inhabits mainly seafloor between the coastline and coral reefs. Amphistegina has quite hard test compared with many other much more fragile foram tests which allows them to survive in wave agitated water.

For more information and pictures of less battered tests, take a look at the page of Amphistegina on

Amphistegina foram Hawaii

The wave battered tests of Amphistegina (foraminifera). Oahu, Hawaii. The width of the view is 9 mm.

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