Sand full of life

My last post about the mysteries of sand was successful. I got some useful insight. Here is another photo of seashells picked from a single sand sample.

This time it is from Majorca, Spain. If You know more precisely to which organisms these seashells belonged or think that some of them may be misidentified, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Majorca biogenic sand
Seashells picked from a sand sample collected in Majorca, Spain. The width of the view is 10 mm.

1. Echinoid spines
2. Echinoid spines
3. Echinoid spines
4. Gastropoda
5. Bivalvia
6. Foram
7. Bryozoan
8. Gastropoda
9. Ostracoda
10. Foraminifera
11. Serpulid
12. Foraminifera
13. Scaphopod
14. Foraminifera (could be Quinqueloculina)
15. Agglutinated foram maybe
16. Mollusk shell
17. Foraminifera
18. Bryozoan probably
19. Gastropoda
20. Bryozoan
21. Foraminifera
22. Sponge spicule
23. Foraminifera

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