Stock photography by Siim+Sepp at Alamy

Going to Space

Well, the headline is way too ambitious. Not yet. But here is a photo of me in the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Shuttle and Siim

Ready to take off from the Cape Canaveral. It is a cockpit of a space shuttle. It is sad that these birds are not flying anymore. Now USA has to pay Russia huge amounts of money to lift their astronauts to the ISS. It is not funny. It is actually very sad.

It was a memorable trip to America which also included New York and Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. It is already several months since I returned but I have not posted anything so far. Partly because most of my photos are of alligators and birds, not quite the topic of this blog. It is crazy how many alligators there are in Florida. And partly because I really do not know what I want to do with this blog. As long as I have not figured this out, my posting frequency is probably destined to be nothing to brag about.